Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cat Christmas

This Christmas was Lorelie and Mika's first Christmas with us.
Lorelie and Mika were both very impatient the entire day, just barely waiting to open their presents. Mika had been like that for the past three weeks. She kept knocking over both presents and trying to get inside them to see what they were.
When we finally opened the presents, we did Mika's present first. She got some cat treats that were flavored chicken and cheese.
Next, we let Lorelie open her presents. She got a tube of six cat toys.
They both got a water bowl that is really meant for a black lab, but their favorite was the tissue paper we put in there.
So, we all learned that next year we are probably just going to get them tissue paper and not worry about spending so much money on toys!
Happy New Year!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Welcome to my crazy cat day!

This morning, Lorelie decided she wanted downstairs but she couldn't open the door because you cannot open doors with paws. She couldn't get to the doorknob because there were two hangers completely covered with clean bras.
Lorelie became tangled in a strap of my favorite lime green bra. She got all freaked out and walked backwards and pulling on the bra opened the door.
Then she was surprised and walked through the door, still tangled in the bra strap, and the bra pulled the door shut.
I heard everyone laughing, so I ran in to see what was going on and daddy said:
"Lorelie is tangled in your bra!"
I looked around and could not see my black cat and my lime green bra. I finally looked through the mud porch door and there was Lorelie looking up at me with the lime green bra strap around her stomach.
I took the hanger off the doorknob and Lorelie ran downstairs.
Earlier this morning, Mika decided she was going to take a bath with me and couldn't get out of the bathtub because she was slipping in the water.
I guess today is just going to be a crazy cat day!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Salmon + Cat = Sandwich

Earlier today, we made salmon spread. There was a little bit left in the two cans. So we gave one to Mika and she did her own turning of the can to get the salmon. We also gave one to Lorelie and I had to turn the can for her so she could get the salmon.
When Lorelie was done with her salmon there was still a little bit left, so I gave it to Mika on the kitchen floor. Mika moved it almost like she and the can were dancing.
Later, my dad made Annika and me tuna sandwiches. When we laid down on the floor to eat it (big mistake!) Mika came over and started licking my sandwich. So, I gave her a little pinch of tuna. After she had eaten that pinch of tuna, she came back and ate a little piece off of my bread for the sandwich. Now, for a normal cat, she would have spit it out, but not Mika.
We found out a couple weeks ago that Mika and Lorelie love bread.
Our cats are almost like little people in catsuits.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

What Lorelie likes and dislikes

Lorelie likes many things, but she hates a lot of things.
She likes getting stuck up on high spots and whining for me to come get her down. She also likes biting my nose, my cheeks and just recently my lips, while I am sleeping. She does that because they are love bites -- very, very hard love bites.
She also enjoys looking out the window by our computer desk, just waiting for the dove that loves to tease her to come back. She also loves getting Mika very, very mad at her. But she also mothers her by cleaning her.
Lorelie hates it when Mika tries to go to sleep, because a lot of times it is when Lorelie is very playful. She also hates it when it is clean-up day, because then a lot of her trash toys are thrown away. When I go to sleep, Lorelie will come in, make sure I am in bed, then she will go get some wrapper of something and come back and put it in my bed. A lot of times I will wake up and make my bed and have three or four wrappers in it.
She also hates it when Daddy gets up late, because then they have to wait a little while for their breakfast.
She also hates it when Annika or I put something really funny on her and try to take a picture of it.
As you can see, Lorelie loves and hates a lot of things, but she mostly loves.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Cuddle cats!

This past week, we have figured out all of Lorelie's talents.
Her first talent is she can cuddle and sleep almost all day.
The next talent is she knows how to e-mail. That is a very funny story. We were eating breakfast and daddy told me to come see what Lorelie did, so I did. She had pulled up a blank e-mail, probably by hitting a combination of buttons on the keyboard. So, we were all joking that she had e-mailed some of her friends to tell them how great it was to be living here.
Her next talent is talking. At night, just right when I get into bed I am usually reading or trying to get to sleep, Lorelie will come in and start meowing and I will answer her like she is talking. I of course have no clue what she is saying. So, I answer her with "yeah" or "I know." When she thinks the conversation is done, she comes up and cuddles with me.
As you can tell by this photo, she does a very good job with her talent of cuddling!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hit the snooze, it's time to get up!

I have a brand-new alarm clock.
It is white, it purrs and has fur. Can you guess who it is?
If you guessed Mika, you're right!
Every morning at exactly 6:24, Mika comes into my room, climbs onto my bed and comes over and starts purring. She kind of knows that I will wake up then.
Then, I get up... yawn... stretch... lay in bed for two minutes... then get up.
By that time, Lorelie has convinced herself it's the end of the world because Mika is sucking up and she gets mean and starts bullying Mika around. Then I have to carry both cats downstairs and take a bath and them they usually try to sneak in and get on top of the tub. They like to get into the bathroom so much that both have figured out if the door is not closed all the way how to open.
Lorelie is really sneaking into the bathroom and making mischief. A few days ago my dad caught Lorelie coming out of the bathroom with a razor in her mouth.
When I heard about it, I went, "Well, she does have a little bit of armpit hair!"

Monday, February 20, 2006

A Cat Comes to Dog Town

Saturday we got two cats from the Humane Society.
One of them is Annika's and her name is Mika. The other one is mine. Her name is Lorelie. She has black fur with two white spots on her belly. She has green eyes.
At first she was kind of a sleepy head, a don't-really-want-to-do-anything kind of a cat.
Now that she know us, all she thinks about is paper.
She chases it, carries it around in her mouth and she tries to sneak up on it. This morning my dad was going to click on something with the mouse when all of a sudden the mouse was slipping away from him. He bent over to see what the problem was and there was Lorelie looking up at him! She was tugging at the mouse from the other side of the computer desk.
Today we have the day off from school, so I am going to play with Lorelie. Then I am going to work on my Social Studies project for a while. I have to find flags of the southeastern states.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Grrr... Oh hi!

Recently, my sister and I went to go get Tucker.
Tucker is probably the star of this whole blog. He is our friends' dog and he is really nice.
We were going to have him overnight, but first we had to go get him.
When we got there Tucker came out and growled at us, but then he recognized us and came over and would not stop licking us. He was so happy to see us. We got in the car and he would not stop crying until we got home. When we got there, he went to the bathroom on the carpet so I had to take him outside for about three minutes and he went to the bathroom.
When we went to bed, he went from mom and dad's room to Annika's room, where I was sleeping. He decided to sleep with us, so he could actually get some sleep.
The next morning I had to take a bath, so I went into the bathroom and all of a sudden, Tucker freaked out. He started whining and barking and he would not settle down. He thought I left. Then my dad called Annika down and Tucker calmed down a little but was still a little freaked out. When I came out he got all happy and raced up the steps to see me.
When we had to take him home, he got into the car but then started whining again. I guess he was sad that he couldn't stay.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Goddog visits

This past weekend my goddog Zoe came to visit at our new house.
I think she must not have recovered from the time she bumped her head on the wooden desk in the corner because, as you can tell, she is still pretty... how do you say it... dumb, stupid and crazy.
When she first got here she was a little calm. Then, she saw us and totally started freaking out. But, after a while, she calmed down and was a lovable, crazy dog.
We took on a walk to Ann St., which is two blocks away, walked down that block and down Garfield to the apartments -- which is a good mile, I would say.
Then we had to walk back, the same way we came. When we got back, she was really tired, so she was cute.
My mom and dad were very happy because she didn't have any accidents, which was good. I really think she was too busy wondering what we were doing, sleeping on the couch and checking the floor for crumbs. There was really no time for an accident.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


On Tuesday I got the most painful thing -- for now -- there will ever be -- braces.
My braces are lime green and light blue. When I was getting them I was more afraid of the big white plastic thing holding my mouth. Then, the big thing that could burn me if it touched anything other than my teeth. I should probably mention that that day I woke up really tired and a couple times the orthodontist had to tap me.
There are some good things about having braces. I have figured out who my worst enemy is... duh-duh-duh-duh! The spoon!
Because it is very hard to get a spoon in my mouth with braces.
On the day I got my braces, I had pizza pocket things. I was supposed to have peanut butter and jelly, but it was too peanut buttery. My friends knew I was getting braces. They thought I would go with some whacko color thing like black and purple. But I told them there were two reasons I wasn't going to go with those colors:
1) None of my outfits would match.
2) I hate the color purple! It's so related to pink.