Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Goddog visits

This past weekend my goddog Zoe came to visit at our new house.
I think she must not have recovered from the time she bumped her head on the wooden desk in the corner because, as you can tell, she is still pretty... how do you say it... dumb, stupid and crazy.
When she first got here she was a little calm. Then, she saw us and totally started freaking out. But, after a while, she calmed down and was a lovable, crazy dog.
We took on a walk to Ann St., which is two blocks away, walked down that block and down Garfield to the apartments -- which is a good mile, I would say.
Then we had to walk back, the same way we came. When we got back, she was really tired, so she was cute.
My mom and dad were very happy because she didn't have any accidents, which was good. I really think she was too busy wondering what we were doing, sleeping on the couch and checking the floor for crumbs. There was really no time for an accident.

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