Friday, November 21, 2008

dog comes to town!

Rory, the newest member of the family is a funny, full of life dog.
Rory is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We got her from a family that couldn't have her anymore because they have allergies.
The cats somewhat love her. Especially when she is sleeping.
Rory has it in her mind that Lorelie loves being her playmate. In reality, Lorelie just loves beating her up.
Mika doesn't want anything to do with Rory.
Rory's favorite things to do are look out the window while on the cat castle, looking for mommy, sleeping with mommy and dance.
She likes to get into things that don't belong to her as well.
She has been a wonderful, entertaining and crazy addition to our family!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Oma is here

Oma is finally here.
Everyone seems to be on either their best behavior or funniest behavior.
Lorelie is definitely on her funniest behavior.
Oma was talking about how they had a cat when daddy was little -- in the 18th Century -- and how the cat would sit on top of the TV and swipe at the basketball when they were watching basketball. Right after Oma got done saying that, Lorelie got on top of the TV and sat there and laid there for a few minutes. When everyone got home, she got on top of the TV and started to watch the weather.
She stayed on there until I went to dance.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

EXTRA! EXTRA! World War III starts... then ends!

Just about two weeks ago, World War III started in our house.
The cats started having their normal fights one morning. We thought it was nothing because they always do it. It turned out though, that when I got home, they were still fighting.
The fighting went on and off for about two weeks. Then, last Thursday, the cats surrendered. We have no clue who or exactly when, but when Daddy was off, he went into the living room and saw the two cats sleeping together. When they woke up, Lorelie and Mika were licking each others heads. Usually, Mika does not care for that.
Since then, the cats have gotten along pretty well. Hopefully there will be no World War IV.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The cats and my cold

I have been sick lately, coughing, popping of the ears -- which is not fun, by the way -- and the nose that never stops.
I got my cold from Annika and now she is feeling a lot better.
One of the two cats has been hanging around with me a lot. She will follow me everywhere, she will lay with me, and she doesn't mind my coughing. Which cat is she?
I'll give you the answer... it's MIKA!
Every afternoon when I get home, she is the first one to greet me. When I go to the bathroom, she will eat, which is kind of weird, because she is always eating when we are around. It makes you think she starves herself when we're not here.
Lor has not been like that. She never follows me. She seems to run whenever I cough. The only time she wants to be around me is when I say: "OK, Time for me to take a bath."
About two weeks ago, Lor did sleep with me and I could tell. She would bite my pinkie, tackle my toes and then, when she was bored with that, she would sleep on top of me.
Mika has been sleeping with me some of the time since then. She is the nice one to sleep with. She doesn't bite your toes, she doesn't bite your pinkie. All she does is purr and sometimes lay on you.
While I have been sick, one cat has been extra generous and the other is afraid she might catch it.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Mika's mommy moment

Two days ago, we had taken Mika outside so that she would stop whining.
Mika always whines when we go outside because she wants to join us.
She will only stop whining once we have taken her outside and put her on her chain. We need to put her on the chain so she doesn't get away, although two days ago I took her off her chain to take her inside and she didn't move.
Now, getting back to my story, we took her outside and I went to get her some water. When I came back, I saw this little stray kitten sticking her head through the fence and holding out a paw and meowing at Mika. It was almost like the kitten thought Mika was its mom.
The kitten then started to meow at me for some reason.
So, I did what I always did to Lor, I started to talk in a high-pitched tone so it almost sounded like I was meowing. The kitten hung around with us for a little bit longer, but then took off to go do something.
After the kitten left, I put a big thing of water out for it, then took crazy Mika inside.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Meet daredevil Lorelie

A daredevil is somebody who is not afraid. Somebody who does crazy stunts all the time.
Meet daredevil Lorelie.
Lately Lorelie has been performing stunts all over the house:
* When my dad goes to get food Lor jumps onto a table that is on its side. She loses her balance and falls off.
* We have four folding chairs stacked along a wall. Lor jumped onto the top of the last one and knocked all of them onto the floor.
* We have six new chairs from IKEA. That are very, very slick. Lor likes to jump onto them but when she does she always slides off the other side.
* Lorelie also loves to climb as high as she can and most of the time I have to go rescue her.
It is very fun and there is never a dull moment when Lor is awake.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Mika's new habits

Mika has had some very recent new habits.
One of them is that she has been sleeping on clothes lately. She tends to do this when it is "laundry day." We have laundry day about every two weeks and it is where almost all the laundry gets washed and then rewashed because Mika sleeps on them. One of these days I think Mommy is going to figure out that the clothes are eventually going to be covered in cat hair, so there is really no point in rewashing them.
The second thing Mika has been doing lately is getting on top of the kitchen table and sniffing at the food and stuff on it. She has also been trying to bite and eat the two plants that have been put on the table.
The two plants have been put on the table because Wednesday I was sweeping the kitchen floor and a mouse ran by. So I ran and called Mommy and she came home.
So Daddy came home about 15 minutes after Mommy and he moved the cabinet and took the plants and set them on the table.
So far the cats have not caught the mouse but I am pretty sure they will one day.