Friday, February 23, 2007

Mika's new habits

Mika has had some very recent new habits.
One of them is that she has been sleeping on clothes lately. She tends to do this when it is "laundry day." We have laundry day about every two weeks and it is where almost all the laundry gets washed and then rewashed because Mika sleeps on them. One of these days I think Mommy is going to figure out that the clothes are eventually going to be covered in cat hair, so there is really no point in rewashing them.
The second thing Mika has been doing lately is getting on top of the kitchen table and sniffing at the food and stuff on it. She has also been trying to bite and eat the two plants that have been put on the table.
The two plants have been put on the table because Wednesday I was sweeping the kitchen floor and a mouse ran by. So I ran and called Mommy and she came home.
So Daddy came home about 15 minutes after Mommy and he moved the cabinet and took the plants and set them on the table.
So far the cats have not caught the mouse but I am pretty sure they will one day.

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