Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Tonight I experienced puppymania.
I started out looking for puggle pictures online and I found a lot. I also looked for golden retriever pictures, black and yellow lab pictures and I fell in love with all of them.
So, my dad told me to delete a lot of them.
I really did not want to, because they were all so cute but I decided once the other ones get old, I can find new ones.
We are FINALLY getting a house of our own and getting a DOG of our own. I have been waiting to get a dog for the last two years. We have been fighting on a name. I want Lorelai, Luke or Rory (they come from Gilmore Girls, my favorite TV show). I have no clue what the other ones want. I have just been telling everyone every day I want
Lorelai, Luke or Rory.
Everyone else has been telling me it should be a name like Tucker, Zoe, Cash or Princess. My dad says that "Cat" would work as a name, but we are getting a DOG! Princess is also off my list because it is waaaay too girly. Zoe can't work, because my goddog is named Zoe. My cousin Morgan let me be the godmother to her dog.
Cash will not work because my godmother's (the one in Iowa) dog is named Johnny Cash, but we all call him Cash or Cashy Baby. Tucker doesn't work because our friends' dog is named Tucker.
So, all in the end, Lorelai, Luke or Rory would just be perfect.