Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lor's family tree

Two nights ago, I was reading a magazine about cats and I was looking at this part that had 12 cat breeds on it with pictures of what they look like. I was just flipping through that little part when I saw a picture that looked exactly like Lorelie.
I ran over to my dad and I went: "Oh my God, I think I just found out what Lorelie is!"
The cat breed we found was Burmese.
Burmese cats are very unique. Some of the things they like to do are play fetch, do very dangerous stunts and talk to people. And if you are reading a book, they love to just come over, lay on it and start cleaning themselves on it.
We knew Lorelie was Burmese, because the photo showed spots of very little hair around the ear -- just like Lor!
Now that we know this, we understand a little bit why Lorelie is so... unique.

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