Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cat Christmas

This Christmas was Lorelie and Mika's first Christmas with us.
Lorelie and Mika were both very impatient the entire day, just barely waiting to open their presents. Mika had been like that for the past three weeks. She kept knocking over both presents and trying to get inside them to see what they were.
When we finally opened the presents, we did Mika's present first. She got some cat treats that were flavored chicken and cheese.
Next, we let Lorelie open her presents. She got a tube of six cat toys.
They both got a water bowl that is really meant for a black lab, but their favorite was the tissue paper we put in there.
So, we all learned that next year we are probably just going to get them tissue paper and not worry about spending so much money on toys!
Happy New Year!

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