Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Welcome to my crazy cat day!

This morning, Lorelie decided she wanted downstairs but she couldn't open the door because you cannot open doors with paws. She couldn't get to the doorknob because there were two hangers completely covered with clean bras.
Lorelie became tangled in a strap of my favorite lime green bra. She got all freaked out and walked backwards and pulling on the bra opened the door.
Then she was surprised and walked through the door, still tangled in the bra strap, and the bra pulled the door shut.
I heard everyone laughing, so I ran in to see what was going on and daddy said:
"Lorelie is tangled in your bra!"
I looked around and could not see my black cat and my lime green bra. I finally looked through the mud porch door and there was Lorelie looking up at me with the lime green bra strap around her stomach.
I took the hanger off the doorknob and Lorelie ran downstairs.
Earlier this morning, Mika decided she was going to take a bath with me and couldn't get out of the bathtub because she was slipping in the water.
I guess today is just going to be a crazy cat day!

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