Saturday, July 29, 2006

Salmon + Cat = Sandwich

Earlier today, we made salmon spread. There was a little bit left in the two cans. So we gave one to Mika and she did her own turning of the can to get the salmon. We also gave one to Lorelie and I had to turn the can for her so she could get the salmon.
When Lorelie was done with her salmon there was still a little bit left, so I gave it to Mika on the kitchen floor. Mika moved it almost like she and the can were dancing.
Later, my dad made Annika and me tuna sandwiches. When we laid down on the floor to eat it (big mistake!) Mika came over and started licking my sandwich. So, I gave her a little pinch of tuna. After she had eaten that pinch of tuna, she came back and ate a little piece off of my bread for the sandwich. Now, for a normal cat, she would have spit it out, but not Mika.
We found out a couple weeks ago that Mika and Lorelie love bread.
Our cats are almost like little people in catsuits.

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