Sunday, June 04, 2006

What Lorelie likes and dislikes

Lorelie likes many things, but she hates a lot of things.
She likes getting stuck up on high spots and whining for me to come get her down. She also likes biting my nose, my cheeks and just recently my lips, while I am sleeping. She does that because they are love bites -- very, very hard love bites.
She also enjoys looking out the window by our computer desk, just waiting for the dove that loves to tease her to come back. She also loves getting Mika very, very mad at her. But she also mothers her by cleaning her.
Lorelie hates it when Mika tries to go to sleep, because a lot of times it is when Lorelie is very playful. She also hates it when it is clean-up day, because then a lot of her trash toys are thrown away. When I go to sleep, Lorelie will come in, make sure I am in bed, then she will go get some wrapper of something and come back and put it in my bed. A lot of times I will wake up and make my bed and have three or four wrappers in it.
She also hates it when Daddy gets up late, because then they have to wait a little while for their breakfast.
She also hates it when Annika or I put something really funny on her and try to take a picture of it.
As you can see, Lorelie loves and hates a lot of things, but she mostly loves.

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