Sunday, April 09, 2006

Cuddle cats!

This past week, we have figured out all of Lorelie's talents.
Her first talent is she can cuddle and sleep almost all day.
The next talent is she knows how to e-mail. That is a very funny story. We were eating breakfast and daddy told me to come see what Lorelie did, so I did. She had pulled up a blank e-mail, probably by hitting a combination of buttons on the keyboard. So, we were all joking that she had e-mailed some of her friends to tell them how great it was to be living here.
Her next talent is talking. At night, just right when I get into bed I am usually reading or trying to get to sleep, Lorelie will come in and start meowing and I will answer her like she is talking. I of course have no clue what she is saying. So, I answer her with "yeah" or "I know." When she thinks the conversation is done, she comes up and cuddles with me.
As you can tell by this photo, she does a very good job with her talent of cuddling!

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