Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hit the snooze, it's time to get up!

I have a brand-new alarm clock.
It is white, it purrs and has fur. Can you guess who it is?
If you guessed Mika, you're right!
Every morning at exactly 6:24, Mika comes into my room, climbs onto my bed and comes over and starts purring. She kind of knows that I will wake up then.
Then, I get up... yawn... stretch... lay in bed for two minutes... then get up.
By that time, Lorelie has convinced herself it's the end of the world because Mika is sucking up and she gets mean and starts bullying Mika around. Then I have to carry both cats downstairs and take a bath and them they usually try to sneak in and get on top of the tub. They like to get into the bathroom so much that both have figured out if the door is not closed all the way how to open.
Lorelie is really sneaking into the bathroom and making mischief. A few days ago my dad caught Lorelie coming out of the bathroom with a razor in her mouth.
When I heard about it, I went, "Well, she does have a little bit of armpit hair!"

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Annika said...

I do think Mika knows how to tell time. She is a very, very, very, very smart cat.