Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The cats and my cold

I have been sick lately, coughing, popping of the ears -- which is not fun, by the way -- and the nose that never stops.
I got my cold from Annika and now she is feeling a lot better.
One of the two cats has been hanging around with me a lot. She will follow me everywhere, she will lay with me, and she doesn't mind my coughing. Which cat is she?
I'll give you the answer... it's MIKA!
Every afternoon when I get home, she is the first one to greet me. When I go to the bathroom, she will eat, which is kind of weird, because she is always eating when we are around. It makes you think she starves herself when we're not here.
Lor has not been like that. She never follows me. She seems to run whenever I cough. The only time she wants to be around me is when I say: "OK, Time for me to take a bath."
About two weeks ago, Lor did sleep with me and I could tell. She would bite my pinkie, tackle my toes and then, when she was bored with that, she would sleep on top of me.
Mika has been sleeping with me some of the time since then. She is the nice one to sleep with. She doesn't bite your toes, she doesn't bite your pinkie. All she does is purr and sometimes lay on you.
While I have been sick, one cat has been extra generous and the other is afraid she might catch it.

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