Friday, August 03, 2007

Mika's mommy moment

Two days ago, we had taken Mika outside so that she would stop whining.
Mika always whines when we go outside because she wants to join us.
She will only stop whining once we have taken her outside and put her on her chain. We need to put her on the chain so she doesn't get away, although two days ago I took her off her chain to take her inside and she didn't move.
Now, getting back to my story, we took her outside and I went to get her some water. When I came back, I saw this little stray kitten sticking her head through the fence and holding out a paw and meowing at Mika. It was almost like the kitten thought Mika was its mom.
The kitten then started to meow at me for some reason.
So, I did what I always did to Lor, I started to talk in a high-pitched tone so it almost sounded like I was meowing. The kitten hung around with us for a little bit longer, but then took off to go do something.
After the kitten left, I put a big thing of water out for it, then took crazy Mika inside.

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