Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Grrr... Oh hi!

Recently, my sister and I went to go get Tucker.
Tucker is probably the star of this whole blog. He is our friends' dog and he is really nice.
We were going to have him overnight, but first we had to go get him.
When we got there Tucker came out and growled at us, but then he recognized us and came over and would not stop licking us. He was so happy to see us. We got in the car and he would not stop crying until we got home. When we got there, he went to the bathroom on the carpet so I had to take him outside for about three minutes and he went to the bathroom.
When we went to bed, he went from mom and dad's room to Annika's room, where I was sleeping. He decided to sleep with us, so he could actually get some sleep.
The next morning I had to take a bath, so I went into the bathroom and all of a sudden, Tucker freaked out. He started whining and barking and he would not settle down. He thought I left. Then my dad called Annika down and Tucker calmed down a little but was still a little freaked out. When I came out he got all happy and raced up the steps to see me.
When we had to take him home, he got into the car but then started whining again. I guess he was sad that he couldn't stay.

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