Sunday, September 11, 2005

My dog-sitting days

This summer I dog-sat two dogs. One is Zoe, who is in the picture. And the other one is Tucker, who you will see a lot in this blog. Zoe belongs to my cousin Morgan and Tucker belongs to our friends, Ken and Roxane.
Tucker is a cross between a beagle and a pug and Zoe is just a yellow lab who is very crazy. Tucker is a lot more laid back and sweeter and Zoe is more of a rough house kind of a dog. Zoe also barks a lot. My dad's probably still trying to catch up with his sleep after getting up at 5 o'clock with both Zoe and Tucker.
It was fun to dog-sit because I don't own a dog so it's very fun to care for dogs.


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pattyb928 said...

Hi Kerstin~ I am your Dad's cousin from Oregon, Patty! I like your blog very much. We have a purebred poodle named Chloe~ she's about 4 years old now.
I have two daughters as well~ Sara and Amy. Sara is 19, she attends George Fox University, and Amy is a Senior at North Eugene High School.
I wanted to get in touch with your dad to tell him that I have a BUNCH of pictures of him and your aunt Inger when they were little with your Grandpa George (Walt) and my Grandma Hogstrom. Your dad is more than welcome to have them, I just need some mailing information.
Please have him send me a private email at if he is interested, ok?
Hope everything is going great for you and your mom and dad!
Take care and have a good time this halloween~ what are you thinking of being?
Patty Bowers