Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Whippet, Whippet good

This weekend, I got a book about all these kinds of dog breeds and my favorite one is a whippet.
Whippets are small greyhounds. I read that they are fast and very kind and gentle.
In the old days, whippets were bred for racing. That is why they are so fast.
Whippets have two kinds of speeds -- fast and asleep. My aunt Inger told me that and she took the picture to the right.
This is a dog named Daisy. It lives in an apartment in San Francisco.
When I grow up, I plan on having two whippets and one other kind of dog.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Daisy! I had this picture as the wallpaper on my cellphone for a very long time. Seeing Daisy's smiling face everytime I opened up my phone always made me happy.

Daisy is a very sweet dog; its really fun to see her jump up in the air when she thinks she's going outside for a walk.

Anonymous said...

Actually, a whippet is not a small greyhound. They are in a group of dogs called sighthounds and do resemble greyhounds. It is believed that whippets were created by breeding Italian Greyhounds and Bedlington Terriers together to create this fast and elegant breed. Whippets were also called the "Poor man's greyhound."

Whippets are wonderful dogs no matter how they got here. A clean breed that loves it's people. And yes, they can run like the wind or be content on the couch. Once you own a whippet, you will never be without one. For more information on the whippet breed visit: http://www.whippettalk.com