Monday, May 30, 2005

Here is what we look like, with Tucker as a puppy

Me and Tucker and my sister Annika.
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Anonymous said...

Hello Kerstin: I read your new blog messages - good work. We had a dog for 17 years. Remember Lucky the 3-legged wonder dog? He was so sweet and loved people and cats. It was very sad the day we had to have the vet come to our house and put him to sleep (he was sick with a lot of old-age things). We buried him on a friend's farm next to their dog on a hill. If you get a dog, you will become best friends with it (or if you get a cat, same thing). I help the Jackson County Humane Society to take care of dogs and cats that no one wants - we try to find good homes for them. You could help at the Dubuque Humane Society someday. You know me - I work with your dad, Mary Nevans-Pederson (Nevs)